Review by Steven W.

Posted on: December 6, 2017 at 6:15 pm

No Nonsense is a top professionally run termite control company. Alex came out to the house, did a very thorough inspection that took about 60 minutes, going underneath the house, in the attic crawlspace, outside around the house and in the garage. Total square feet of the house is 2,900 sq. ft, all on one story, so this was no small task. After completing the inspection, he gave a formal presentation, our options, his recommendations, and the prices. His prices are very fair and are all encompassing, meaning there will be no add-ons later and no surprises when they come to do the work.

We decided to take the chemical treatment (no tenting was necessary he said)) and explained the entire process. By the way, don’t waste your money on orange oil as it doesn’t last long after applied, but it was an option. The appointment was set for one week later. When the two termite controllers came to the house, they were very professional, polite, and knew exactly what to do after consulting with Alex and watching the cell phone videos he took of our infested areas, which were quite extensive. The two men did not ask us to do any moving of the boxes or containers in the garage and were very neat. They covered everything I had stored in the garage as they sprayed the wood, patched the few holes they drilled in the concrete to kill subterranean termites, and even washed the floor to make sure no spray residue remained.

Under the house they sprayed all the dirt with a chemical that last at least fifteen years in killing termites, all with eco-friendly California approved non-toxic to chemicals to human and pets. For the attic, they drilled into affect wood and injected chemicals into all infected wood to kill existing and future termites.

IN summary, I would recommend these guys to everyone that has a home. There is no home in California that doesn’t have termites so call them for a free inspection. Waiting too long only means you will be paying to replace a lot of wood later. This company is top-notch and worth every penny.